Bar Haus Zauberflöte | Offenburg

Escape the daily grind, relax and feel fantastic, in the classic surroundings of the bar at the Haus Zauberflöte. We want you to enjoy yourself to the full and we aim to provide nothing less than the very highest standards of bar culture.

The decor in our bar is modest and tasteful. We waste no effort on gaudy frills, instead we concentrate on much more important matters: the fine art of Mixology! The ambience is "British Green", the typical color of understatement, unobtrusive yet noble. This tranquil anonymity - is further acentuated by our "NO LABEL" concept. The bottles are discreetly marked and not presented with a brand label, as with the usual manner.

“Here I really feel like a bar-tender. It fascinates me every day anew to spoil the guests with my drinks in this unique atmosphere”, Joshi

The colorful cuckoo clock on the wall from the internationally famous pop artist Stefan Strumbel, is the only design element where the adage: " should we get rid of that or is it art?" would apply. But you should'nt allow yourself to be too distracted*(impressed ?) by appearances in our bar, because the only really important thing here is your pleasure and well-being. In addition, the dimmed lighting of our bar in the Haus Zauberflöte provides a perfect setting for inspiring moments and stimulating conversations with colleagues and friends.

“Sometimes less is more, here there is definitely more enjoyment and more taste. I found it challenging from the outset not to slay the guests with a large bar menu, but to focus on a few selected classics and constantly changing, unique own-creations”. Willi Schöllmann

In keeping with the tranquil and exclusive atmosphere of our small but fine Speakeasy bar, we offer all friends of upmarket drinking culture in Offenburg, a fine selection of sublime drinks at reasonable prices, starting at 8, - EUR.

So no false modesty and dont be scared- indulge yourself and let us enchant you. The bar in the Haus Zauberflöte is a figurehead for the bar culture of Offenburg and the whole of Ortenau and is open Wednesday - Thursday until 3:00 am, Friday - Saturday until 5:00 am, for you.

Any questions or reservation requests?
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We look forward to your visit.