Stefan Strumbel Hotel Haus Zauberflöte | Offenburg

"Home is where the heart is, an inner paradise." This motto enticed Offenburg artist Stefan Strumbel to transform his room into a declaration of love to the Black Forest, the home of our hotel Zauberflöte.

Stefan Strumbel

Home is where the heart is, an inner paradise. Our double room with the number 2 by Stefan Strumbel (* 1979), is a declaration of love for the home of our hotel, the “HZF”, the Black Forest. In this room you recieve a first impression of what You can expect from a trip through the Black Forest seen through the eyes of Stefan Strumble. Strumbel's graphics, objects and installations often revolve around the concept of home, which stands as a metaphor for the familiar and as an identity base. In his works however, folklore is transformed using Pop Art motifs and technique. This artist from Offenburg became internationally known with his colorful cuckoo clocks that, with their deviation from traditional attributes, challenge the observer to re-think their own concepts of what home and homeland mean to them. We hope that the paradise created by Stefan Strumbel becomes a "second home" for you also.