Stefan Marx Hotel Haus Zauberflöte | Offenburg

Thanks to Stefan Marx you will experience at the Haus Zauberflöte, a fantastic journey through the Black Forest, where you encounter fantasy figures and where you could experience the unexpected.

Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx's (born 1979) primary medium is drawing spontaneous sketches of his observations of daily life. To appreciate the imagery of Stefan Marx requires no artistic, cultural or historical education and no familiarity with the subject matter, but rather an openess to intimacy with the various points of its pictorial narration. The individual associations can differ and are fed from a broad spectrum of the media world and everyday life. His mural in Room 7 takes you dear guest, on a fantastic journey through the Black Forest, where you will encounter fantasy figures and perhaps experience unexpected moments in the Hotel Magic flute in Offenburg. Comparable to the memory of the collective conciousness, Stefan Marx works are a mine of history and culture. The pictorial spaces are a psychological flurry of metaphor and there are quotes and references to works of various artists from the Middle ages until today.