Oliver Rath Suite Hotel Haus Zauberflöte | Offenburg

The Suite 69 at the Haus Zauberflöte, created by Oliver Rath, one of the most famous photographers of Germany, is unique to the hotel industry in Offenburg and Baden:
 Humorous and provocative imagery simultaneously provides homely comfort and tasteful and unusual arousal.

Oliver Rath

Oliver Rath (born 1978, died 2016) was one of the most famous photographers in Germany. His favorite subject was the female body in perplexing, provocative, and humorous poses and situations. You feel the spirit of a generation as it playfully moves between different media and styles and finds a unique expression for it's existence and it's environment. His elegant Suite 69 in the Hotel Zauberflöte is as modest as it is smug, as prudent as it is fanciful and appears just like the naked back of the lady on the wall opposite the spacious double bed, sometimes black, sometimes white, sometimes motherly sometimes seductive. If you have already experienced the "zero eight fifteen" hotel standard but prefer something somewhat more exquisite, then we would be delighted to welcome you or greet you again in our exclusive Mirror Room in Offenburg.