Herr von Eden Hotel Haus Zauberflöte | Offenburg

Inspired by Offenburg's Aenne Burda, Bent Angelo Jensen (*1977) transformed his room in the Haus Zauberflöte into a heartfelt homage to this grande dame of the German fashion industry.

Herr von Eden

In Room 6 Herr von Eden and Aenne Burda unite. Room number 6 is an empathic tribute from Bent Angelo Jensen to the Grande Dame of the German fashion industry who was born in Offenburg. Since the modern era the dictum of originality is the tradition of the novel. This desire for the absolutely new as opposed to aged institution, is equated with utopian visions of the superior, more veritable and beautiful. Decorated in the style of the 20s, with a massive curtain printed with patterns from the Burda archive, a small and exquisite bar, an opulent mirror, and an exclusive dressing gown, room number 6 serves the guest as a catwalk for private stagings in Offenburg.